Automations and Integrations​

Creator Recruitment & Communications Forms

Automate the approval process save time and ensure legal compliance

Creators joining our campaign agree to terms automatically, saving time. Our platform streamlines influencer submissions and invites them to be brand ambassadors. Easy application links and automated approvals ensure swift engagement. This efficient process benefits both in managing campaigns and offers creators opportunities for free content and reviews.

How it works?

Use our form to invite creators.

Collect influencer submissions and invite them to become brand ambassadors. Receive free content, reviews, and recommendations.

Share the link.

Make it easy for aspiring influencers to join and work with you by sharing the link to the submission form. This will allow you to start gathering applications from creators.

Receive creator submissions.

Analyze the submissions and select those that perfectly resonate with your brand, ensuring a perfect match for effective brand representation.

Time to power your business with influencer marketing

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Up to 20 free credits for account Credibility.

Rate follower Authenticity on a 0-100 scale.

Evaluate trustworthiness from all angles.