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Competitor Post Check

Scan for posts with specific keywords (including tags and hashtags) used on Creators’ accounts.

Select the Creators whose posts you want to scan and apply a specific timeframe to the search

The system will send automated email messages to the owner of the Creator List responsible for campaign delivery once it detects that any of the creator’s accounts on the list has published a new post that meets the competitor’s check criteria enabled for this list. 

This feature can be especially helpful for monitoring your competitors’ marketing strategies and identifying potential areas for improvement in your own campaigns. You can also use it to keep track of influencers who may not be a good fit for your brand due to their high volume of sponsored posts. The automated email notification system ensures that you are alerted in a timely manner whenever relevant posts are published.

How it works?

On the list of creators fill in the Brand Safety option and type hashtags of your competitor.

After processing you will see the warning on the list.

Click on the warning icon to see list of “competitor’s related posts by this creator.

It depends on the conditions of campaigns you have offered, so your actions may vary based on:

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