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In the dynamic world of Public Relations and content management, your power to shape perceptions is unmatched. Now, picture amplifying your brand’s reputation through voices that resonate with your audience – that’s influencer marketing magic.

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Discover How indaHash Empowers PR and Content Management

Amplify Your Brand Narrative

Elevate your brand’s storytelling with influential voices that deeply resonate with your audience. Craft compelling narratives by incorporating impactful reviews and recommendations from trusted figures.

Maximize Your Brand's Reach

Achieve exceptional coverage and results through our high-impact strategies, enhancing your brand’s visibility and credibility. Discover influential collaborators through our platform and convert them into unrivaled brand advocates.

Ensure Brand Safety

Rest easy, knowing our platform prioritizes brand safety. We value your brand’s reputation and provide a secure environment for collaborations, safeguarding your integrity and Brand reputation.

Identify Ideal Collaborators

Use Advanced Audience Targeting to find influencers who align seamlessly with your brand’s values, regardless of industry, geography, style, or audience.

Event Buzz with Influencers

Infuse excitement into upcoming events by partnering with admired creators to amplify your event’s message, creating anticipation and buzz.

Efficient Image recognition

Our AI Image recognition ensures you identify the most relevant Creators for your campaign, and help you boost your creativity level by identifying Creators who have a unique perspective and style.

Social Validation

Provide powerful social proof to your customers by showcasing your products or services in action through authentic influencer reviews, cultivating trust and confidence.

User-Generated Content

It’s not just about social proof, saving money, and staying relevant. UGC adds spice to your brand, keeps your content fresh, builds a loyal gang, and gives you real-time tips.

Features that PR Experts and Content Managers Love

Crisis Detection Scanner

Stay ahead of potential crises with our built-in scanner, allowing you to address issues proactively.

Competitor Post Check

Monitor competitors’ activities and stay informed about industry trends.

Creator Search

Discover the perfect influencers for your campaigns with our powerful discovery tool.


Audience Overlap Tool

Identify overlapping audiences to refine targeting and maximize impact.

Own Your Content and PR Game with indaHash

Embark on a journey where your PR and content strategies captivate, engage, and exceed goals. indaHash empowers you with precise targeting, insightful analytics, and influencers who amplify your efforts.

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They wrote about us​

Marketing professionals like to divide up creators into categories according to how many people are following them (…) Barbara Soltysinka, the CEO and cofounder of London-based marketing platform indaHash, says this is the way forward for many brands, as the industry sees a trend of being reallocated from television to influencer marketing.

Technology companies such as start-up indaHash offer a SAAS platform for brands and agencies to manage influencer campaigns with authentic branded content at speed and scale.

Influencing is now a profession in its own right, so say influencers. indaHash (…) surveyed a number of them to shed light on ‘influencer behaviour’. They discovered that 64 per cent of influencers believe it is a profession in its own right (…).

They started to rethink the value of reach: what good was it to have a million sets of eyes on a video if it didn’t lead to anything? This question led to several answers, the final one being a very cool platform called indaHash.

Many influencers were reaching out to companies — one at a time — asking for free products to review on their accounts. But indaHash designed a platform that allows companies to create campaigns and gives influencers the chance to respond.

(…)indaHash, has been enabling large and medium sized brands to reach millions of millennial influencers through its unique digital platform that encourages and facilitates engagement between companies and consumers.

Apps and platforms with catchy names such as (…) indaHash (…) help users with a significant following (…) connect with brands and monetise their account.

(…) innovative digital influencer marketing platform indaHash, whose main focus lies in connecting social media power users with brands, have compiled some fascinating research on influencers and how they can leverage Valentine’s Day to promote products and brands.”

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