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Set up fully customised influencer marketing campaigns using our advanced targeting tools and market expertise. Our team will guide you through every step of the process, from creative briefing and influencer selection, to content delivery, and all the way through budgeting and report analysis.

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Self service - indaHash Deal for e-commerce

Set up barter or discount campaigns through our fully automated, intuitive Deal dashboard. Provide influencers with discounts or free products in exchange for social media posts and reviews. Reveal and moderate influencer submissions at your discretion and provide extra discounts for followers for easy ROI tracking.

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SOL's campaign generated a total of 57 pieces of content and reached over a million people, with photo content recieving a 6% engagement rate and video content recieving a 14% engagement rate. The task for influencers was to create summer vibes content for SOL beer, and the campaign ran in two flights: the first with photo content and the second with video content. SOL was so happy with the content generated, they went on to re-use it in ads all over the South African digital out of home space.
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Technology companies, such as indaHash, offer SAAS platforms for brands and agencies to manage influencer campaigns with authentic branded content at speed and scale.
Huffington post
Barbara Soltysinska, CEO and co-founder of Dublin-based marketing platform indaHash, says this is the way forward for many brands, as the industry sees a trend of being reallocated from television to influencer marketing.
Al Jazeera
Influencers, generally, are not professional marketers and require guidance, especially in a newer market, and so with indaHash influencers are guided on appropriate hashtags, as well as a combination of creative and brand messaging, to ensure they adhere to the brand's brief and to any regulatory requirements.
Don't have the budget for a celebrity Instagrammer? No worries, you can now work with micro-influencers instead.‏
"We are excited to formally launch our platform in the MENA region to support brands and agencies in influencer marketing at scale"
the media NETWORK
"80% of the influencers we work with are micro-influencers. Their content is higly authentic and generates great engagement rates, which makes their work very efficient"
The ability to manage multiple influencers around the world and unite them under a single brand narrative, simply and cost-effectively, is a real game-changer for brand communications and a real opportunity for PR agencies.
PR Week
[...] The branded posts from such influencers are more authentic and designed to match the functionality of Snapchat. The automation of the process allows the advertiser to gain the scale needed through purchasing millions of impressions.
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That success had spilled into 2017, with nearly 900 campaigns conducted through 250,000 influencers and a push to make their mark in the U.S. (...) Clearly, they’re doing things a little differently.
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