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No more urban legends!

Everybody has heard stories about creators pushing sales to the limits and those who, despite having a big following, do not. With indaHash software, these are no longer urban legends. You can measure each and every creator’s impact on sales generated in your e-shop.

The indaHash Software allows for the exchange of information regarding promo codes and reports activities of each creator and their promo codes. This synchronization between ecommerce and the indaHash Software provides several benefits to ecommerce managers. Here is a table outlining some of these benefits:

Increased Sales

Promo codes generated by creators can encourage followers to make purchases, leading to increased sales for ecommerce

Targeted Marketing

By using promo codes from specific creators, ecommerce can target campaigns towards a specific audience

Detailed Reports

The indaHash Software provides detailed reports on baskets and sales generated by promo codes, allowing ecommerce to track the effectiveness of campaigns

Streamlined Process

The synchronization between ecommerce and the indaHash Software streamlines the process of managing and tracking promo codes

Available eCommerce integrations:


Store configuration

In the first step, set up your e-commerce platform. Go to “Store configuration” where you will find full instructions for proper integration.

Add a Coupons Group

Generate promotional coupons in your ecommerce platform that entitled to discounts on purchases. Then, create a group and add the created discount coupons to it.

Add fields to track sales results

Add a field that allows assigning a promotional coupon and fields for sales metrics that you would like to track in the specific campaign. Then, assign appropriate codes to selected records in the table to track campaign results accordingly.

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