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Creator CRM

indaHash Software is a market-leading platform for influencer marketing, featuring a robust Creator Relations Management system. This system has been tested in thousands of campaigns across hundreds of markets and dozens of industries, and has been utilized by blue chip companies from all over the world.

Discover for yourself why indahash Software is the preferred platform for influencer marketing.

Powerful market analysis tools

Invite Creators, Teams and Clients to work on campaings with you

Save 90% time on costly, manual tasks

Manage all creators taking part in campaign with couple of clicks

Boost your sales by further integrations available with eCommerce plugins

Analyze what is the best for your company, see what customisations would be a decision factor

Time to power your business with influencer marketing

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Up to 20 free credits for account Credibility.

Rate follower Authenticity on a 0-100 scale.

Evaluate trustworthiness from all angles.