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AI Image Recognition Tool

Powering Influencer Marketing with Artificial Intelligence. Input keywords to enable our AI image recognition tool to detect millions of tags to help you identify which creators are perfectly matched to your requirements.

Ambassador Submission Forms

By simplifying the application process, you’ll be able to quickly identify and connect with the most talented creators and ambassadors in your industry, helping you to elevate your brand and achieve your marketing goals with ease.

Audience Overlap Tool

Identify the unique audience percentage for your campaign. Ensure you are reaching the largest unique audience possible or find audiences with a crossover to reinforce your message.

Competitor Post Check

Allows you to scan to check if there are posts with specific keywords (including tags and hashtags) used on the Creators’ accounts. Scan the posts from selected Creators and apply a specific timeframe to them.

Crisis Detection Scanner

Check the Creators on your list for crises that may negatively affect the image of the Brand. After enabling it, you will receive an automated email informing you of potentially controversial posts and comments.

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Creator Discovery

Discover and analyze Creators from nearly 5 million social media profiles using over 20 filters. Using relevance score, you can match creators to achieve your exact goals.

Data Analysis

Analyze over 35 in-depth metrics. Use our standard template or create your own template that will offer you all relevant information at every stage of the project. Check the unique audience percentage of your Creators and scan them using Brand Safety tools.

Manage & Report

Use dedicated templates or create your own template with necessary information at each stage of the project. Manage tasks and chat with team members. Share selected elements in a fully secure way. Create fully personalized performance reports.

Optimize Your Brand's Potential Through Personalized Workflows.

Make the most of your influencer marketing campaigns and take your marketing efforts to the next level with indaHash. We’ll assist you in optimizing impact, improving efficiency, and unleashing your creativity with tailored strategies that fit every campaign.

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