5 Key Points to Ensure Influencer Marketing is Secure

Learn more about the five basic checkpoints for brand-safe influencer marketing. This is essential reading for marketers and brand managers considering entering the expanding advertisement market that involves various forms of collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

Work Exclusively With Brand Safe Influencers

A significant number of influencers adhere to the rules of their social media platforms to avoid content moderation issues. But is this entirely true? Not necessarily. Social media platforms also profit from the rapid growth of content creators, and they sometimes lower moderation levels for bigger influencers, occasionally permitting content that a brand might not want to be associated with.

This is why indaHash has implemented screening processes aimed at eliminating unwanted content creators, who are often viewed as risky by many brands. By operating our own app for influencers, where they register with our platform, we can conduct these tests to filter out those who do not meet brand safety criteria.

Thus we offer searching on a database of influencers that are foreseen to meet basic safety standards.

Are There Any Fake Followers?

Fake followers frequently have few posts, use stolen profile pictures, or publish shallow, poorly written comments. 5 minutes search will also reveal a hidden industry of companies selling fake followers to malicious influencers. Beyond the economical reasons for influencers to present bigger number of followers to their sponsors,

Be cautious, as interaction with fake followers can be suspicious and damaging your brand image. By using Credibility Check, you can easily identify and collaborate with influencers who are trusted and recognized in your industry. This guarantees that your brand message resonates with your target audience and yields genuine results.

Free credibility check tool: https://indahash.com/credibility-check-tool/

Note: Audience Credibility is an integral part of our influencer marketing platform.

Dive into Data: Conducting Due Diligence for Influencer

Marketing is a numbers game. Ensure your decision to offer sponsored cooperation is cautious and based on:

  • The size, quality, and credibility of followers
  • Stable and attractive engagement rate, proven by their recent posts
  • Organic growth in the number of followers
  • The suitability between the product and audience demographics
  • The geographical and language compatibility of your content
  • Check the audience overlap of selected influencers to see the number of followers observing multiple influencers from your list.

How to Protect Your Brand When a Crisis Comes?

Social media crises are notorious for flaring up on Friday afternoons, aren’t they? Unfortunately, this can also involve brand ambassadors or influencers who are currently participating in or have just completed campaigns. To protect your company effectively, the most crucial aspect is understanding the crisis and monitoring the influencers’ accounts for any potential warning signs.

indaHash’s Crisis Detection Scanner allows for 24/7 monitoring of selected influencer accounts to identify any negative activities that could damage your brand’s image. Any suspicious activity, such as inappropriate language or negative sentiment in publications and comments, will trigger a warning to be sent to you. This allows you to take necessary countermeasures promptly.

Ambassador programs - protecting your campaign with Competitor Post Check

Ambassador programs should respect the exclusivity clauses in contracts with creators. Many brands do not tolerate competitors, and sponsors often prefer ambassadors not to promote competing brands.

In theory, it seems straightforward. However, in practice, without a tool, it can be challenging to determine:

  • If the influencer has previously published content about a competitor
  • If the influencer will continue publishing about competitors after the program has started

This relatively simple tool allows past searches and sends warning emails about competitor posts. This helps make informed decisions and monitor potential future violations based on the relationships of your chosen influencers with your competitors.

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