indaHash app translated to Japanese

Big news everyone: on October 3rd, 2017, we successfully launched a Japanese version of the indaHash app!!! 🗾🇯🇵🗻🌸

Congrats to our great DEV, QA and CS teams, especially to Kiri and Kengo, our priceless translators!!! 🎌


We’re really looking forward to see what the Japanese market has to bring to our global network of influencers, bringing their original content and perspective to brands communications. Now every influencer in Japan will be able to connect with their favourite brands to create engaging and authentic content.

Japanese influencers brace yourselves, indaHash is coming!

fot. indaHash CEO, Barbara Soltysinska, with Kiri and Kengo, Japanese translators.

Read more: We’ve just finished our first Japanese campaign! 🐱 🇯🇵

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