indaHash connects UK brands with 50k online influencers

indaHash, the platform that’s helped brands such as Coca-Cola, Ariel and McDonald’s to reach consumers via more than 50,000 digital influencers, has launched operations in the UK in June 2016. indaHash is an automated platform for companies to reach thousands of mid-tier influencers, allowing them to earn money promoting the brands they love. After more than 120 campaigns in Europe during its first six months, indaHash has built relationships with social-media users who have more than 110m followers, generating engagement rates as high as 12%.
indaHash operates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and will soon begin offering campaigns on Snapchat. Influencers are assigned a task, such as taking a photo of a company’s product in a particular setting; the content they generate is moderated by indaHash and then posted under the campaign’s hashtag, as in the example below:
The client sets the duration and budget for the campaign, and can pay either per per 1,000 views or per engagement (each time a follower likes or comments on a post). Influencers receive notifications via the indaHash app about new campaigns for which they’re eligible to participate.
“Our mission is to deliver the best ever campaigns with digital influencers, and bring back authenticity to brands’ communications with a seamless, automated platform,” said Barbara Soltysinska, co-founder of indaHash. Automation is key, she stresses: While content marketing with influencers on media such as YouTube requires time-consuming, detailed negotiations, indaHash offers a ready database of influencers, whom brands can select according to factors such as age, gender, interests and number of followers.
That allows advertisers to tap the potential of mid-tier influencers, who frequently offer better value for money than top digital stars. “Often 10 influencers with 50,000 followers each have a greater impact than one big name with 500,000,” says Soltysinska. “They usually have higher rates of engagement by their followers, and greater authenticity, since they haven’t worked with as many brands before.”
indaHash has received A-round funding from TFI Trigon, one of the largest investment funds in Central Europe. Joanna Pawluk, formerly European Director at Mindshare, will head the UK office.

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