indaHash Token Incentive Programme Introduction

Dear Community,

As we have previously announced, we are excited to come back to you with plans for new indaHash Coin (IDH) token integrations. We want to focus this message on our indaHash Token Incentive Programme, for influencers, that we plan to implement next quarter!

indaHash Token Incentive Programme Introduction! 

In order to increase the awareness and education of influencers, we are implementing an additional bonus program, which involves rewarding influencers with certain amounts of IDH tokens. Here you can find information on the indaHash Token Incentive Programme to be implemented in the indaHash app, in efforts to increase usage of IDH tokens:

  • Additional IDH token bonus for every completed campaign

These tokens will remain frozen on the influencer’s account until the influencer collects an appropriate amount for a withdrawal.

  • Initial IDH token bonus for the first campaign completed

For new influencers who register on the platform, we provide a one-time IDH token bonus, which will be accompanied by an e-mail and a push-message, explaining what IDH tokens are and why it may be worth converting your payouts into tokens in the future. This will allow influencers to start an educational process from day one!

  • IDH token bonus for every influencer invited to the app who participates in a campaign  

Additionally, each influencer will receive a ref-link that will operate on an affiliate basis. If an influencer recommends the application via their ref-link, another influencer can register based on their recommendation. Once a referred user successfully participates in a campaign, the referrer will then receive a bonus in the form of IDH tokens, along with a push message and an e-mail explaining what IDH tokens are.

  • IDH token staking for influencers

If you are an influencer and convert your earned funds into IDH tokens, you will receive a monthly bonus of the IDH tokens you stake. After joining the staking program, a bonus accrual will occur weekly.

  • Create IDH token materials and earn rewards 

Create a short video or graphic explaining how IDH token works, spread it across your social media and receive a reward of $50 in IDH tokens. It all depends on your creativity!

In the next updates, we will inform you about the implementations of the functionalities mentioned above on our platform. Stay tuned!

Awareness and Educational Materials:

  • New and updated videos on IDH tokens are in progress

How does it work, why the value of tokens is changing, and how can you benefit from it as an influencer? These materials will be distributed to all influencers in our database.

  • We are currently working on a very broad report entitled “State of Influencers & Cryptocurrency Trends 2021”.

As part of this report, we plan to conduct a study on a sample of over 1,000 influencers from over a dozen countries to find answers to questions including:

  • What is the awareness of cryptocurrencies in the world of non-crypto influencers?
  • What is the confidence in banks and traditional financial systems?
  • What % of influencers not related to the crypto industry have invested funds in cryptocurrencies? 
  • How non-crypto influencers foresee Bitcoin and other cryptos development in future etc.

The planned implementation and distribution time of the report is the end of February 2021.

Examples of Reports Already Completed by indaHash:

Stay tuned for more updates and developments! 

All the best,
indaHash Team

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