Unlocking New Insights: Announcing Enhanced Audience Analytics on indaHash

Our innovative Audience Analytics feature provides in-depth insights into the followers of the influencers you partner with. This powerful tool delivers intricate details about audience credibility, types, and reachability for a complete overview of an influencer’s follower base. Let’s delve into how these insights can supercharge your brand.

Comprehensive Audience Types: Precision Targeting at Its Best

Our platform brilliantly classifies an influencer’s audience into four distinct types:Co-influencers who can broaden your reach through joint promotions.


Authentic users who naturally interact with content, essential for cultivating trust and fostering meaningful engagement.


Accounts demonstrating irregular behavior, possibly bots or counterfeit profiles.

Mass Followers

Accounts following numerous users with low engagement levels.


Co-influencers who can broaden your reach through joint promotions.

By mastering the composition of an influencer’s followers, you can fine-tune your campaigns to engage real, active users, guaranteeing superior interaction and return on investment.

Audience Reachability: Unleashing the Full Potential of Engagement

Audience Reachability distributes an influencer’s followers based on the number of accounts they follow. This insight is priceless for forecasting engagement levels:

< 500 Accounts

Followers passionately interested in the influencer’s content, leading to exceptional engagement.

500 - 1K Accounts

Moderately focused followers, still with a high likelihood of engagement.

1K - 1.5K Accounts

Followers with diverse interests, leading to decreased engagement.

> 1.5K Accounts

Highly diversified followers, with limited engagement potential.

Armed with this data, you can prioritize influencers with a more focused and engaged follower base, ensuring superior results for your campaigns.

Real Data Analysis

Audience Types

Real (74%)

An impressive majority of the influencer’s followers are authentic users who naturally engage with content, indicating a high potential for impactful engagement.

Suspicious (12%)

Moderately focused followers, still with a high likelihood of engagement.

Mass followers (11%)

These accounts follow a large number of users and usually exhibit low engagement. While they contribute minimally to meaningful interaction, their percentage is manageable.

Influencers (3%)

A small fraction of followers are fellow influencers. This could potentially extend the content’s reach through mutual promotions or collaborations.

Audience Reachability

< 500 (56%)

Over half of the followers follow fewer than 500 accounts, implying a deep focus and high likelihood of engaging with the influencer’s content.

500 - 1K (25%)

A substantial segment of followers is moderately focused, which is still favorable for engagement.

1K - 1.5K (8%) and > 1.5K (11%)

These followers have a more diversified attention span. While they are less likely to engage deeply, the percentages are relatively low.


The influencer boasts a high credibility score (82.92%), indicating a premium and engaged follower base. With 74% of followers being real and only 12% being suspicious, the risk associated with this influencer is relatively low. Furthermore, the audience reachability shows that the majority of followers are deeply interested in the influencer’s content, which is a promising sign for potential engagement.


Collaborating with this influencer is generally safe. The high credibility score and substantial percentage of real followers far outweigh the minor concerns stemming from the small percentage of suspicious and mass follower accounts.

Elevate Your Brand with Data-Driven Decisions

At indaHash, we champion the transformative power of data in influencer marketing. Our advanced Audience Analytics feature arms you with the insights necessary to select the right influencers, maximize engagement, and accomplish your marketing objectives. Harness this groundbreaking capability and unlock the full potential of your influencer partnerships.

Outshine the competition with indaHash – the intersection of innovation and influence.

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