Vote for IDH Token Listing on HADAX!

Dear indaHash Community,

Please be sure to read these instructions carefully and support indaHash Coin to win the Vote for Token Listing on HADAX & Huobi exchanges! 🏆

indaHash needs our amazing community to come together for the indaHash Coin (IDH) – Huobi/Hadax Community Coin Vote!

Huobi & Hadax are of the top 3 biggest exchange companies in the world. We believe that with your support we will be able to join one of the best places for trading!

If you are not a member of Huobi Pro, you can simply:

1. Sign up at and verification of your account should usually happen that same day. (You will need a passport for verification.)

2. Buy Huobi Token (HT) to be used to vote for indaHash Coin (IDH)!
(1 vote = 0.1 HT (~$0.14 – Those who give 1 vote will receive 3 IDH (~$0.22))

3. Vote for indaHash Coin (IDH) to be listed on HADAX at !
*IDH reward tokens will be distributed on Huobi Pro/Hadax and are waiting for you!

  1. Go to
  2. Search for IDH token there (currently in 1st place!)
  3. Click “Vote now
  4. In the pop-up window – Fill how many votes you want to give us and verify your decision like in the image/example below, and click “Confirm

That’s it! You’ve showed huge support for IDH! Thanks!

Hadax Community Coin Voting Rules:

  • The net value of the voting user’s balances is required to be 100 USDT or above.
  • 1 vote costs 0.1 HT. Each user can cast more than 1 vote and cast for more than 1 time.
  • Each user can cast up to 100,000 votes to one project.
  • The voting phase shall end at 13:00 March 27 (GMT+8)


As you can see below, IDH is currently in first place! indaHash Reward Tokens are limited to 5 million IDH tokens, so around 1.67 million votes! Remember that 1 user can cast 100,000 votes maximum! Please spread the word to vote for IDH and let’s win this!

We will keep the community informed on the status of listing! Thank you all for your participation and engagement! We look forward to seeing indaHash Coin (IDH) on both HADAX and Huobi Pro! ✌

All the best,
The indaHash Team

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