Thanks to indaHash you can connect with 700 553 Social media influencers

  • 700 553 Social media influencers
  • 1 303 504 700 followers

You create a campaign

and set a simple task for digital influencers


Digital influencers receive the task

in the app


Next, the digital influencers

make a post and add a relevant #hashtag

How does it work? Check out this video!

User generated content

Digital influencers publish photos they make themselves

Regram / Repost

All digital influencers publish the same photo provided by the brand



You pay for the exact reach (CPM), video views (CPV), snapchat views (CPSV) or engagement (CPE).

At the moment we have over 600 000 registered influencers - in total they can generate over 500 million impressions of their posts.



With User Generated Content campaigns you get the rights to the photos taken by the digital influencers.

You can use the photos in all your digital communication e.g. your Facebook profile or your website.

Instead of organising a photo shoot you can make a campaign with indaHash.


Credibility and engagement

The photos are published on the Influencers` profiles and therefore are not perceived as an advert. However, you can always ask participants in your campaign to mention in the caption that they're working with your brand.

Research shows that Instagram is the most engaging social media platform* and one that people associate with brands.**

  • *Source: GlobalWebIndex, Q4 2014 and wave11
  • **Source: GlobalWebIndex Q2 2015/ Base: Active users of each network aged 16-64

New followers

You can add a @tag to each campaign to redirect users to your brand’s profile and grow your follower base.

Case studies

The campaign promoted Electrolux as the best partner in kitchen adventures. The task for digital influencers was to take a picture of their favorite food as an inspiration for others.

The campaign gave digital influencers a chance to show their creativity and show how Electrolux can inspire them to cook amazingly.

See Case Study

Digital influencers were asked to show when and where Evree products help them during their busy day. The goal was to produce beautiful photos of Evree`s products and to build brand awareness.

As a result over 60 amazing pictures that the brand used in its digital communication were submitted.

See Case Study

The campaign offered amazing and creative challenge to use the KFC bucket for everyday purposes.

It generated a great number of creative pictures with original and amazing ideas.

See Case Study

The campaign offered an interesting challenge and gave the digital influencers a chance to show their creativity. The goal of this campaign was to promote a unique hashtag and to attract interest in a new Fanta packaging.

Participants were asked to publish a selfie with the new edition of Fanta can on their Instagram profiles.

See Case Study

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