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Our Managed Service makes influencer marketing easy for brands and agencies

Discuss campaign goals and agree on deliverables

Meet with our expert team to discuss your campaign goals and ideas. We can show you how we use our amazing technology to make influencer marketing campaigns stress-free. We will then create a proposal for you to approve before we get started. We have a flexible buying model knowing that different clients have different preferences in how influencer marketing is bought.

Client completes briefing template which forms the invitation to influencers

We will share a briefing template with you so that we can find out all of the important information about your campaign to make sure we are engaging with the right creators. We need to know the do’s, don’ts, hashtags and everything else in between. We will then begin to use our Creator Discovery Tool to identify creators using meaningful data.

Influencers express interest in the campaign and are presented to client for selection in platform

Our team will share a list of interested creators with you for your approval. You can jump into the platform and approve your favourites in a couple of clicks making influencer approvals so simple! You can also take a look at all of the data that we hold on each influencer profile including credibility, engagement rates, audience data and much more!

Client can moderate the influencers content in indaHash dashboard

Once you have approved the influencers and they begin to create the content, you can view this in the indaHash dashboard. Our Influencer Client Relations team will evaluate the content first to make sure it is shot to brief and of a high standard. Once we are then happy with the content we will invite you in to make comments, ask for moderations and make sure that you approve of the finished content before it gets published.

View top line statistics in just 1 click and receive a detailed EOC report

You will be able to view all of the metrics and data from your campaign in the indaHash platform. We will also follow up with an extremely detailed and visual report including every piece of data that is available to be reported on. We will also include campaign learnings and benchmark comparisons so that you can truly understand and measure your influencer campaigns.

Influencer marketing brings numerous benefits to a brand

Reach and Visibility

Influencers have loyal audiences, enabling brands to reach new potential customers in a more personal and authentic way.

Credibility and Trust

Recommendations from trusted influencers can build a bond of trust with consumers, as these individuals are perceived as authorities in their fields.

Segmentation and Precise Targeting

Choosing an influencer with a specific profile and demographics allows brands to precisely reach their intended audience.

Creativity and Content Uniqueness

Collaboration with influencers opens doors to creating interesting, innovative, and distinct content that can also be repurposed across client websites, social media pages and within paid media.

Reinforcement of Brand Identity

By selecting an influencer aligned with the brand’s values and aesthetics, its identity and message can be strengthened.

Engagement and Interactions

Content generated by influencers often garners greater engagement in the form of comments, shares, and likes.

Cost Efficiency

Compared to certain traditional advertising forms, influencer marketing can offer a better quality-to-cost ratio, especially when targeting specific audience groups.

Measurement and Analysis

Our platform allows for tracking and analyzing campaign results, enabling a precise understanding of return on investment.

New Perspectives

Collaboration with influencers opens doors to creating interesting, innovative, and distinct content that can set the brand apart from competitors.

Impact on Purchase Decisions

Influencers’ recommendations can directly influence consumer purchasing decisions, especially in industries related to fashion, beauty, or travel.

Empowering Brands Like Yours

We offer a unique blend of tailored strategies, advanced tools, and a proven track record, all designed to effectively engage influencers, drive brand awareness, and deliver measurable results for your campaigns.

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Campaign Analysis
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