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Drive significant revenue growth with a potential 5x increase in sales

Revolutionize your business success with our cutting-edge strategies that not only drive significant revenue growth but also promise a potential fivefold increase in sales. Our proven methodologies are tailored to amplify your market presence and elevate your bottom line to unprecedented heights.

Elevate your brand by collaborating with influencers, achieving 25% boost in consumer awareness.

Our proven approach guarantees heightened recognition and sustained success, providing your business with increased visibility and making a lasting impression on your target audience.

Revitalize your brand narrative: 25% more reach, 4x engagement with influencer content creation.

Transform your brand effortlessly through strategic influencer collaboration, expanding your reach and achieving a significant increase in engagement. Elevate your narrative, captivating your audience with ease.

* The statistics are based on 100 randomly selected campaigns conducted by our managed service team.

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We provide end-to-end campaign support and deliver a tool that perfectly caters to all your influencer marketing needs.

Managed Service

End-to-end data-driven influencer marketing services

Do you need support with developing and executing your influencer marketing strategies? We are here to help! Our team can take the hassle out of influencer marketing for you. We will make sure that you get the best ROI on your campaigns, with your content reaching the right people at the right time. Our company is leading global brands across all categories as well as challenger brands who we help grow. Work with us to get the most cost-effective and data-driven influencer marketing solution that gets results.


Solutions for in-house Influencer Marketing

Get access to an all-in-one platform for automated and simple management of your influencer marketing activities. Discover the best matching creators, build long-term partnerships with them, store and moderate every piece of content. Moreover, you get insightful auto-generated reports and avoid too many spreadsheets. Use task management and chat features to keep everything on track. Sounds amazing, right? Explore more possibilities to suit your needs with our expert on a demo call and get a free trial to the indaHash Self-Serve platform.

Mobile App for Creators

The Global Creator Community

The indaHash app allows digital creators to earn money by participating in brand campaigns on their social media profiles. After logging in, creators can see the list of campaigns divided by brands working with indaHash. By clicking on details creators receive the information containing conditions and tasks that need to be done to complete the assignment. After completing the task correctly creators receive payment. Content creators and influencers are able to see their remuneration even before they decide whether to participate in the campaign or not.

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Schedule a consultation with our expert team to meticulously analyze your brand’s unique requirements. By leveraging our expertise, we’ll craft a tailored solution that precisely aligns with and addresses the specific needs of your brand, ensuring optimal results.

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Up to 20 free credits for account Credibility.

Rate follower Authenticity on a 0-100 scale.

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