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indaHash is excited to announce innovative new PRODUCT UPDATES showing how we’ve many our enhanced influencer marketing solutions even better for you 📲alongside PR UPDATES featuring our most recent collaboration with AliExpress 🥳 and we are proudly introducing INDUSTRY UPDATES showcasing all of the most important developments and updates you need to know about from the past month! 🏆

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indaHash has developed a new technology to help brands get even better results running influencer marketing campaigns! 📈🎯

One of the most important, yet often neglected, factors of a successful influencer marketing campaign is the amount of mutual followers among various influencers, called the audience overlap. In-house studies have shown that the more times a single person is exposed to the same product, the higher chances that person will purchase the product. 
The ideal audience overlap for a particular campaign depends strongly on its main goal. While clients aiming at increasing sales should focus on maximizing audience overlap, clients aiming at reaching the broader public should try to minimize that factor as much as possible.
The newest upgrade in the indaHash app helps calculate the precise audience overlap of any given group of influencers. Based on its suggestions the brands may decide what kind of audience overlap will bring them the desired results. 

Sounds great? Click here to get to know more about the recent innovation!

We have some exciting news to share! 

Since we care about your experience with indaHash we decided to meet your needs and improve our Brand Dashboard even more! 💪💎

Today we are releasing a new version of Brand Dashboard where numerous views have been revamped. 🧙🏼💾

Here is a list✨

  • Main dashboard 
  • Whitelists view
  • Campaign list
  • Campaign details view, including:
  • List of posts
  • Statistics
  • Side bar & top menu

New global partnership has just been announced! 

TikTok and Shopify have just publicly confirmed a collaboration to drive younger audiences to the 1 million+ merchant’s stores. The partnership shall eventually evolve into an in-app purchasing functionality. 
Currently, the main benefit for merchants is the “TikTok Pixel Dashboard”. It shows merchants detailed TikTok user’s data such as demographics and actions, allowing Shopify to create targeted ads. 
This brand-new partnership will undoubtedly pave the way for e-commerce functionality for all of the short-form video world. Just as Facebook’s first forays into e-commerce informed other early social platforms, TikTok is now setting the precedent for the rest of the industry. 

If you want to know more on the topic, CLICK HERE!


Until now, Instagram and Facebook used to show personalized ads based on users’ online activities on websites or apps, and offline activities such as in-house purchases. 🛒 The data was gathered from the advertisers and other partners. The matter of such personalized ads has been controversial in terms of both users’ privacy and decisiveness. 
Only recently Instagram has released a new ads setting called ‘Data From Partners’. From now on, the visual content-sharing network enables users to choose whether the app can use the data gathered from their partners to show personalized ads. 📱
Those who have connected their Instagram and Facebook accounts will see that option for both platforms on their settings page. The app shall respect users’ choice regardless of the financial impact for the platform. 📃

If you want to know more about the update, CLICK HERE!

We recently worked with AliExpress on another amazing project! So far, in cooperation with AliExpress, we have already completed over 880 livestreams, which translates to over 34,500 minutes of streaming!

This time we worked with Adam Zdrójkowski 💪
Adam is a well-known Polish actor, who gained recognition for starring in and Rodzina Zastępcza. In addition we will be working with more than 30 new micro influencers. After huge success with more than 200 livestreams (with around 100 creators) during the 11-12.11 Shopping Festival, we decided to focus on top performing influencers which can generate sales and create amazing livestreaming content.

Adam shared his secret hobbies, and showed us his new apartment, with viewers during a livestream on 26.11. Click here for more info!

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