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Dear Community,

indaHash, in cooperation with: Polska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH), Ashoka, Crypto4Changemaking and Tech To The Rescue has created the โ€œPeace of Heartโ€ project, which aimed to support Ukraine and its citizens.

โ€œPeace of Heartโ€ is a charitable NFT collection, created by digitizing drawings made by Ukrainian children, through their experiences and emotions that they are faced with in this new, difficult reality.

All the funds raised in this charity event will be donated via PAH to the Ukrainian victims of the war โ€“ parents and children trapped in the war zone and those that were displaced.

Everyone who supports the fundraising will in return receive a unique NFT โ€“ a digital version of a drawing made by a child from Ukraine.

As we care about the environment and as we want to make sure that these actions have a minimal impact on our planet, we partnered up with Plan Be Eco and GSS CERT who support the โ€œPeace of Heartโ€ project in measuring the carbon footprint and help to compensate for CO2 emissions. As a result, the given NFT collection is neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

More information and the opportunity to purchase NFT is available here:

indaHash stands with Ukraine!

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