⭐️ indaStars ⭐️ Official Platform Launch

Dear Community 🔥🔥🔥,

Now it’s time 🥳! We are launching the public 👀 mainnet platform and final tests of indaStars 🚀! This means you can now go to 👉 https://indastars.com, register and start your NFT adventure 🧑‍🚀!

What’s the plan for the next two weeks?

  • In the period from October 21 to November 4, we are starting public tests ⚒️ on the mainnet (so far, our testing community has been conducting tests on a testnet).
  • Discover 💡 all kinds of additional bugs and issues that have not been noticed during closed testnet tests and implement fixes
  • November 4 or earlier (depending on the test results) we will clean 🧹 all content created during public community tests and switch 💪 to new smart contracts that will remain for the creators we are currently onboarding
  • In the period from October 21 to November 4, anyone 👀 will be able to register, verify their account, mint NFTs and play 🕹️ with all functionalities without restrictions!

What does this mean exactly 🙋? This means that the platform has been released to the public 📢, but we are giving ourselves a bit more time ⏱️ to improve it and discover additional bugs and issues that may occur on the mainnet. The deadline for clearing “test” data and implementing “clean” smart contracts for developers is November 4.

What have we recently accomplished (until 21.10)?

  • ✅ Here you can check the initial fixes and improvements package (more than 50 different small issues, bugs and fixes implemented) – https://labs.indahash.com/indastars-status-update-15-10/
  • ✅ We switched from testnet to mainnet and verified the speed of the platform – the tests were successful!
  • ✅ NFT mass-distribution via creators’ profiles 
  • ✅ We have significantly improved the UX of NFTs, views and the functionalities available in the card details
  • ✅ We have added the “Explore” (basic version) tab, which allows you to view new NFTs that are created on the platform in real time!

What can you expect in the coming weeks?

  • ⏳ Requesting autographs – docusign-like feature, so a fan can request an NFT and after being signed by the creator, the NFT will be minted and transferred with the creator’s signature
  • ⏳ Twitter account verification for token minting purposes
  • ⏳ First influencers onboarding and cards distribution (after public mainnet tests)
  • ⏳ IDH holder verification for free token minting purposes – all IDH holders would be able to mint tokens for free 
  • ⏳ Adding the indaStars team involved in project development and growth on the indaStars landing page
  • ⏳ Enhanced “Explore” tab with additional features 
  • ⏳ Mobile RWD improvements 
  • ⭐ IDH token integrations description to be released
  • ⭐ AMA with our CEO – Barbara Soltysinska!
  • ⭐ Influencer NFT state of market report – prepared and distributed by indaHash / indaStars!
  • ⭐ Token rebranding (changing name) from indaHash to indaStars token

What can you do now 🚀?

During public mainnet tests, we invite you to check the platform:

  1. Create your account here ✅ – https://indastars.com
  2. Verify your account with your Instagram (we do not require a certain number of followers at this stage). Twitter is coming as well!
  3. Start minting NFTs, send them to friends, and have fun!
  4. Check other collections in the Explore tab
  5. You can also use the following test credit card credentials to check the NFT purchasing flow:

Name: John Doe 

Card number: 4242424242424242

Expires: 01/23

CVC: 222

Zip Code: 22222

  1. If you notice any errors or issues – please report them via the following form ⬇️ 💣:


  1. Write about your impressions 💜 on your social media by tagging our Twitter account – @indastars_com

Have a wonderful day ☀️ and have fun with the platform ⭐!

This is just the beginning of our journey 🛣️! We are entering the most important stage and we know that the coming weeks and months will be very intense 💪. We believe that we have created an extremely useful and necessary product to be able to onboard thousands of influencers around the world, without requiring any crypto knowledge and competence! Together we are building huge opportunities for creators, brands and their communities! A lot of work, but also great moments ahead of us!

Have you already joined our Discord server? If not, please join now, interact with team members and receive important updates! 

indaStars / indaHash team

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