⭐️ indaStars ⭐️ the first zero-cost NFT platform for 1,000,000 creators and their audiences

This long-awaited moment has come. After many months of intensive development and research, we want to present you indaStars!

indaStars – collect verified NFT signatures from creators you love! Engage audiences by giving your digital NFT autographs!

⭐️ So what is indaStars?⭐️

It’s an end-to-end NFT platform, built by indaHash (company established in 2016, IDH tokens created in 2017!) to tokenize our database of over 1,000,000 influencers from over 100 countries!

Executive summary:

  1. indaStars is driven by a key collector’s insight of chasing digital NFT autographs. We are the first project that is based on this assumption and allows you to create and sign an NFT in a model similar to Docusign.
  2. Not only can users collect already signed NFTs – they can also send NFT signature requests to their favourite creators. It is very easy!
  3. Autographs can be done on static content (photos / images), audio or video.  They can have different properties like:
    • access to exclusive content
    • access to events and meetings 
    • discounts on goods & services
    • access to specific servers to play together (for games)
    • access to personal conversations with creators, social profile recommendations 

…and much, much more! Creators can mint their unique content and use already existing posts, songs, Tik-Tok videos, etc. 

  1. indaStars does not require any technological knowledge, installing plugins such as Metamask etc. nor accounts on crypto exchanges (to buy ETH and then transfer to the wallet etc.).
  2. The implementation of card payments enables immediate transfers through an understandable channel and the removal of the technological barrier, which significantly increases adoption.
  3. Creation and implementation of the so-called indaStars Gas Station enables the financing of user transaction fees, which are very cheap thanks to the integration of the indaStars platform with Polygon blockchain.
  4. The indaHash user base has over 1,000,000 creator accounts that have registered and downloaded our app over the last 5 years! indaStars will likely be their first contact with the NFT world, in the form of a fantastic and simple adventure that will introduce them to the world of NFTs & crypto!
  5. Our business experience, native speakers of 20+ languages and supporting influencers and brands in over 100 countries, will enable quick onboarding of creators and building a critical user base of the project!
  6. Blockchain account verification performed by indaStars will enable comfortable and safe NFT collecting from the most desirable creators.

And now some more details about the ⭐️indaStars⭐️ platform!

As you probably know, OpenSea made over $3b turnover in August 2021 with only 200,000 active buying users. These numbers are very impressive, but most of all because they show how early we are!

If we look at active wallets with 0.1 Bitcoin upwards – we have a minimum of over 3,000,000 people! This means NFT adaptation in the crypto world is below 5%, taking into account other blockchains.

What this means is that we are in the stage of super early adopters. Plus, we have no doubt that the NFT industry will develop and meet the need of creators of all kinds to get closer to their fans! That’s why the indaStars platform was created!

How does the platform work from the technological side?

  1. No technological barrier. In order to be able to overcome the problem of large-scale user onboarding, we decided to use the Polygon blockchain (instead of Ethereum, which has extremely high transaction fees).

2. In order to be able to overcome the need to install Metamask or other plugins that are not friendly to the average user and require accounts on crypto exchanges, we established a cooperation with Venly. Each user, after creating a free indaStars account, receives an automatically created wallet. The entire process takes less than 30 seconds!

3. In order to be able to finance users’ transactions on Polygon and not force them to buy Matic/Poly tokens – we have implemented a so-called ‘Gas Station’. So we finance the purchase, sale and transfer transactions on the platform ourselves (as indaStars). Polygon transaction fees are very low and we will be happy to finance them in order to be able to ensure a pleasant onboarding experience.

4. To give users a sense of security, we have profile verifications. Only verified users with over 10,000 followers on their profiles will be able to mint tokens, completely for free!

5. In order to ensure proper integration with the largest NFT exchange in the world, Opensea, we adhere to the appropriate standards for our NFTs and smart contracts. This will enable future integration with Opensea to increase the potential customers market for creators.

What exactly does it look like on the platform?

  1. Each user has their own profile and collection that they can show to their friends (without the need to login). We know that NFT “flexing” is very important!

2. Minting is a piece of cake and free for verified users, with only a few fields to be completed like autographs or dedications to be applied, and that’s it – your first NFT collection made without any technological knowledge needed!

3. But we have even more! Users will also be able to generate links and send them as requests for signatures, a bit like how Docusign works! The creator clicks on a link, signs the asset and it is minted as an NFT with a certified signature from the creator! How cool is that?!

4. In order to be able to carry out transactions in a quick, simple and understandable way for the user, we have implemented card payments. This will allow you to make an immediate purchase without having to enter the crypto world. In the next iterations we will also allow users to pay in crypto.

Case Studies from the Influencer Marketing Industry:

Amazing plan for the indaHash Coin (IDH) tokens! ⭐️indaStars DAO⭐️!

As you probably know, DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This means several key things for the future of our token and its holders. Here is the summary:

  • Ultimately, our vision is to fully decentralize the indaStars platform. Therefore, after the implementation of DAO, each token holder will be entitled to vote in favour of new features, improvements and changes influencing the direction of the platform’s development. Creating voting proposals will require you to have a specific amount of IDH tokens held on the platform.
  • Holders of IDH tokens will receive NFT autographs and tokens from the best creators for free. This will work as a special programme for platform supporters. The more tokens you hold – the more NFTs and collections you get for free!
  • For smaller holders, so-called ‘seats’ will be reserved in new NFT collections. As we all know, taking part in distributions of the hottest collections is often practically impossible, therefore certain amounts of tokens will be reserved for our holders, for which they will have a guarantee of purchase.
  • From the pool of 20% of tokens owned by indaStars, we will not only support the functioning of the platform, but also reward and encourage onboarding of the greatest creators.
  • Holders of a certain amount of tokens will also have a 90% discount on royalties and platform fees.

So what are our ⭐️PLANS⭐️?

  • Next week (04.10-08.10) a landing page and dashboard will be launched
  • From now on we are starting the onboarding of beta testers who will be selected from our community
  • After successful testing, in the second half of October 2021, we will start onboarding creators and influencers
  • October 2021 will be a month of very intensive communication with the media and selected partners who should help build a critical mass of platform users 
  • Educational activities for creators will be launched at the same time to help them onboard to the NFT world
  • AMA will be coordinated with indaHash CEO – Barbara Soltysinska
  • We send mailings and messages to hundreds of thousands of indaHash creators with an invitation to mint their first NFT collection via indaStars!
  • We launch our Discord channel through which we will communicate with our community from now on
  • We are finishing the report (1000+ creators responded) on the NFT market among influencers and we are starting its distribution through the media!
  • Changing the name of indaHash tokens to indaStars tokens so it will be easier to understand for newcomers.

And much, much more!

We will add a new blog post with updates next week and send a newsletter to our valuable community! 

Just a quick reminder – what is indaHash (indaStars creator)?

indaHash, a company founded in 2016 by Barbara Soltysinska (CEO) and Wlas Chorowiec (CPO). Winner of many industry awards, including Influencer Marketing Platform of the Year,  Newsweek Innovations Award, UK Business Awards, Festival of Media MENA, Accenture Tech Awards etc. The largest mid-tier influencer marketplace running campaigns in over 100+ markets, having offices in multiple countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Singapore, South Africa. Working for Fortune 500 brands such as P&G, Unilever, Mastercard, Adidas and many others.


Thank you!

Stay tuned for more updates! ✌🏽

indaStars by indaHash team

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