6 Travel Campaigns That Show Your Travel Brand Needs Influencers!

Your feed is probably overflowing with mind-blowing sunsets over Cape Town 🌅, white sand beaches of Thailand 🌴🏖 and balloon rides over Cappadocia 🎈✨. Instagram is a highly visual platform, and it proves to work really well when it comes to creating highly engaging campaigns for travel brands! 💖👏

This potential has not gone unnoticed. More and more travel brands choose to utilize Instagram to reach new audiences and increase sales, and one of the most effective ways to do so is by collaborating with travel influencers!🤳✔ The question that many ask though, does influencer marketing actually work when it comes to advertising travel brands?🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

The answer is yes! 💪🙌🎉We have chosen 6 travel campaigns that indaHash has executed for various global travel brands, such as Marriott, Cunard, Booking.com and Hawaii Airlines, to show you examples of highly engaging influencer marketing campaigns! 🧐🤳

The reason why influencer marketing really brings desired results and helps raise awareness and increase sales for travel brands, is that Instagram is nowadays one of the main sources of inspiration when it comes to travel. 🌍🏝🏔 Instagram is the platform people go to when planning their next vacation, especially when it comes to millennials! 40% of those under 33 believe that “Instagramability” is the most important factor when choosing the next holiday destination.🤩👊 Therefore, when executed correctly, influencer marketing campaigns can be very impactful for travel-related brands. 🤸‍♂️🤳

How to create a highly engaging influencer marketing campaign for a travel brand? There is no secret really nor magical recipe, the key is to tackle every campaign individually. ☝✍ Everything from the strategy, to the timing of the post, to the length of the campaign, and finally, the right influencers, must be thought through and adjusted to the individual brand and its needs. That said, below we provide you with inspiration to get your ideas going. Look at the examples below, and think about what you could take from it and adapt possibly for your brand. 

So here are our examples of 6 engaging travel campaigns!

1. Marriott 

Reach: 1.2M

Engagement: 8% 

For this campaign, influencers in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were asked to document their stay at Courtyard Marriott hotels, and show that it is more affordable yet still a luxurious experience. The influencers shared pictures on Instagram showing themselves enjoying their favorite facilities of the hotel, such as the pool🐋🌴 or the breakfast buffet🥐🍰🥂. The focus of the campaign was to choose influencers who not only create beautiful and creative content but also have an audience particularly interested in travel and luxury hotels. 

The campaign turned out to be a huge success! It reached over 1.2M social media users and received an engagement rate of 8% (Instgram’s average engagement rate is approximately 2%), which proves how important it is to choose influencers who are truly the right fit for the brand, and are able to not only create high-quality content, but also understand the brand’s value and message. 

2. Booking.com

Reach: 1M

Engagement: 7% 

Booking.com chooses to work with influencers to show the wide selection and variety of their offers. The influencers shared pictures showing the unique properties that they were able to book through Booking.com  in various different locations. The goal was to show how everyone can find something for themselves on Booking.com, so, the content created for the campaign was everything from breathtaking infinity pools with an ocean view, to vibrant city rooftops and snow-covered mountains ⛱🌅🏞. Additionally, the influencers emphasized how easy and convenient it is to book a hotel or any kind of property through Bookig.com and encouraged their followers to give it a try! 🎉🙌

The campaign was received very well, with many social media users being interested in Booking.com offers, which resulted in 1M reach and quite an extraordinary engagement rate of 7%!

3. Hawaiian Airlines 

Reach: 1M

Engagement: 4%

Hawaiian Airlines is a great example of a brand that truly cherishes the local culture. The campaign that indaHash created with Hawaiian Airlines was based on the traditional Hawaiian philosophy of Aloha 💖🌴🏄‍♂️. Aloha means treating others with love, care, kindness and respect and living in harmony with the rest of the world. Influencers engaged in this campaign were asked to share images that represent the meaning of Aloha to them. Moreover, for this campaign, the user-generated content technique was incorporated💃💃. Influencers asked their followers to share their version of Aloha-living and tag Hawaii Airlines in their posts, which helped to spread awareness of Hawaiian Airlines and the campaign. 

Thanks to the creative approach to the campaign and beautiful and visually appealing images, content that the influences created, and of course the power of UGC,  the campaign turned out to be very successful. It reached 1M social media users and received an engagement rate of 4%!

4. Cunard

Reach: 3M

Engagement rate: 4%

Cunard invited influencers on one of their luxury cruise liners for a voyage into the Arctic Circle. For this campaign, Cunard focused on choosing influencers who have a true passion for travel, as well as advanced photography and videography skills🎥📷! It was especially important for the brand to receive high quality and extraordinary content that will truly reflect the beauty of Arctic landscapes and the unforgettable luxurious facilities offered by Cunard’s cruise liners. That is why in this case it was extra important for Cunard to choose the right influencers who understand the brand’s vision and have the skills and knowledge allowing them to communicate this vision to their audience🌟❄🌄. 

The content created by influencers documenting their journey through the Arctic Circle was received extremely well and the campaign created a lot of buzz online, reaching 3M social media users and achieving a 4% engagement rate! 

5. Hotels.com

Reach: 1.6M

Engagement rate: 4% 

Hotels.com decided to partner up with indaHash to create a truly international campaign involving 15 different markets around the world like Brazil, Canada, UK, France and many more🌍🌎🌏. The concept of this campaign was based on the idea that food can allow you to experience and explore the local culture when traveling! Therefore, influencers chosen for this campaign, dedicated food-lovers, were asked to share pictures of their travels showing their favorite food moments (of course with a beautiful landscape in the background). In the description, influencers emphasized that Hotel.com gives you the possibility to book accommodation anywhere in the world which allows you to experience any food culture or cuisine your heart desires!🍕🥨🍦

The campaign achieved very impressive results and reached 1.6M social media users, and resulted in a 4% engagement rate! Proving that travel and food adventures are a match made in heaven! 

6. Accor Hotels x Mastercard 

Reach: 2M

Engagement rate: 4% 

For this campaign, Mastercard and Accor Hotels worked together with a group of influencers to show priceless moments that can be experienced during a stay in one of Accor Hotels. Influencers were asked to get creative and post images that will reflect what is a truly priceless moment for them.💓💥 For some, it was a great meal, morning coffee with a breathtaking city view or a quiet day spent relaxing surrounded by mountains.☕🏔 The campaign aimed to show not only the hotels’ facilities but also the beautiful landscapes or the vibrant cities where Accor Hotels are located, proving that everyone can find something for themselves! 

The campaign turned out to be a huge success and reached over 2M social media users and received a 4% engagement rate!   

Do you want to create an influencer marketing campaign to grow your brand? Let us know, we offer the support and guidance that you need to create a successful influencer marketing campaign that will help your brand to grow and reach new customers! ☝🤳🌴✈

If you have any questions please reach us at: support@indahash.com

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