indaHash Deal Multi-Country Rollout & Beta Test Update!

We are very proud to have rolled out indaHash Deal which, you should all know by now, is a completely new and revolutionary business model based on a barter economy! Rather than paying influencers to post, brands are giving influencers a discount on a product or service in turn receiving a review and post on influencers’ social media accounts, all of which is enabled via the indaHash Deal platform! So far the rollout has been a huge success and we are excited to present many new updates this month!

Check out the following video for a reminder as to how it works:

This is indaHash Deal!

Main stats and insights:

The multi-country indaHash Deal rollout has been executed even more than we had originally planned and the platform is now available in the markets of Germany, Poland, the UK, the USA, South Africa, Japan, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates! In 2019 we still plan to roll out indaHash Deal to all countries where we have social influencer coverage (more than 80 countries)!

For our last update Zuzanna Sielicka, CEO of Whisbear, stated that “We’ve received more than 100 submissions from influencers and they generated really beautiful and engaging reviews driving our sales and awareness. Now I’m waiting for a possibility to run international campaigns for our brand.” To add even more exciting news, we have enabled brands to do just that and we have also launched international campaigns allowing brands to have a campaign with product or service running for influencers in different countries at the same time!

As we expand the platform further around the globe we will be sending further invites, as we’ve recently done, welcoming our very much appreciated committed users and community members to try indaHash Deal for free! We greatly appreciate those who have helped test the platform and thank everyone for their feedback! After finishing our last free tests within the next month we will start charging for the service.

There are currently more than 30 beta test campaigns running in 7 different markets and so far brands received 2950 influencers submissions.

What is important to notice is that we see neither of the rates (the average approval rate by a brand and the average conversion rate from approved influencers to influencers who actually bought the product) have changed and they are on a similar level of 60% and 35% accordingly! We, along with brands using the service, are very happy with these results! is one of the biggest Polish e-commerce marketplaces with a focus on fashion & handmade or vintage items and supplies. After Pakamera ran its first campaign they were so happy with the results that they decided to become our partner and offer indaHash Deal to its merchants!

“Our first campaign with indaHash Deal ended with great results supporting our sales as well as furthering the awareness of Pakamera in a way that we see forming a snowball effect of successful cooperation with indaHash. That is why we have chosen to partner with them and will be offering indaHash Deal to our many merchants and look forward to even more positive results!” – Julita Wojczakowska, CEO & Co-founder of Pakamera

Just as a reminder, indaHash Deal business model assumes that brands will have to hold a specific amount of indaHash Coin (IDH) or pay a package fee in fiat which would then be partly converted to indaHash Coin as a part of our buy-back program! As soon as indaHash Deal is successfully up and running on key markets, indaHash Coin (IDH) will be integrated and we will update the community more with regards to previously published details, so stay tuned!

Introducing indaHash Deal!

PR updates:

How can collaborations with influencers boost sales in e-commerce? This was just one of the main topics our CMO, Barbara Żbik discussed together with Julita Wojczakowska (co-founder of a platform aggregating manufacturers) at the ‘IAB HowTo: grow your e-commerce efficiently’ conference!

The audience had a chance to learn what are the types of influencers & how to set up their first campaign with the new platform we’ve recently introduced for SMB – indaHash Deal!

We’re very excited have begun promotional activities presenting indaHash Deal at conferences, webinars & more and will be rolling out additional promo aspects along with our developments and international expansion!

Product updates:

We’ve launched the official landing page for indaHash Deal! Check it out for more examples of successfully completed campaigns, statistics and details as to how brands can have influencers work for them using our new service and setup their campaigns!

We are confident that with our new business model we will be able to offer a tremendous amount of value and satisfaction for both our influencers and clients. The testing phases have proven this to be true and we are excitingly looking forward to scaling our influencer marketing solution for even more brands worldwide. As always we will be happy to keep the community up to date with all developments and appreciate you for tuning in to what we have presented in this update!

Thank you!

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