indaHash December Holiday Updates!

Dear Community,

2019 has been the BEST YEAR EVER at indaHash! We’re excited to present CAMPAIGN UPDATES from some of your favorite brands and most inspiring influencers 💸📲as well as PR UPDATES featuring indaHash CEO, Barbara Soltysinska, presenting at the LinkJoin conference in China and announced as one of 100 Most Influential People In Influencer Marketing by Influencer Weekly! That along with HR UPDATES and even more can be found in this month’s newsletter!

Check it out! 🤘🏻

We are proud to present this month’s campaign updates featuring some amazing content for Escalier out of the USA, fantastic images for an UberEats campaign coming from Kenya, some great stuff for Catrice in Finland, and a favorite piece of content of ours from Austria made for a campaign for CASIO!

Recently Our CEO Barbara Soltysinska and Vice President of APAC and China, Ashwin Chandoesing, were invited by one of China’s biggest 😱 marketing companies LinkJoint, to be part of their ’10X growth conference’! 🙏

They got the opportunity to make presentations on different views on influencer marketing in various regions and also globally, based on their massive experience in this area. 👩‍🏫

What’s even more interesting 💭, the event was aimed to inform and help 3️⃣ million businesses (!) located in China, that want to expand outside their home country. Very inspiring!🤯

Following our CEO Basia Sołtysińska’s most recent trip, indaHash is officially entering the Chinese market. 😍 We can’t wait to explore all possibilities and see what the future holds for this exciting cooperation! 🎆

In the link, you’ll find a couple of pictures from LinkJoint’s 10X GROWTH CONFERENCE – an event for foreign traders, cross-border e-commerce sellers, brand promoters and marketers, that we were invited to! 🇨🇳

She did not stop there! Barbara Soltysinska 🦄was announced 🏅 one of the most influential people in influencer marketing by Influencer Weekly 👑.

Influencer Weekly picked top 100 people from the industry whose everyday work 🏋️‍♀️ impacts the fast growth 🐆 of influencer marketing. Factors taken under consideration when making the ranking was: noteworthy contributions of each individual, the impact of the company they work in, technical innovations and groundbreaking research 📈. We are thrilled with the news! 🤩

Click the link following the pic for more info!

Have you felt Christmas spirit this year? We definitely have! We got together after work one day to celebrate the Holiday season and create handmade ornaments! 🎄

All the decorations were put up on our snow-white Christmas tree. Curious about how artsy indaHashers really are? Check out the pics below! 🖌️ 🎨

Thank you for being a part of the indaHash community and tuning in to these updates! We look forward to presenting and achieving much more this year. Stay tuned!

All the best,
indaHash Team

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