indaHash Monthly – August 2020!

Dear Community,

indaHash, boasting the biggest creators community offering world-class influencer marketing services in more than 80 countries, is proud to present this month’s updates and developments! ✌🏽Check out our PR UPDATES with indaHash featured in both “The First News” and “Sprawny Marketing”, and a huge load of PRODUCT UPDATES showing how we’re making your influencer marketing experience increasingly BETTER & BETTER! 🏆🥳

Check it out! 🤘🏻

TikTok campaigns’ reports ✨

Reports for TikTok campaigns are already available!
There is now a possibility to download PDF, PPTX and XLS reports from a TikTok campaign from Admin and Brand Panel in the same way as for other providers.

Credibility parameter and new country in the Influencer Discovery Tab✨

The Advanced Audience Data section has been expanded with:
– a new search filter, called “Credibility”
– an ability to search audience from Iraq

API metrics for Instagram Story visible in Brand Panel & campaign reports✨

The brand panel has been updated to display API data for Instagram Story campaigns.
The changes concern:
– Campaign list
– Show All Posts section
– Statistics section
We also introduced API data to the campaign XLS & PDF reports.

Sample Instagram posts in exported Influencer’s Profile ✨

Every exported file (PDF and PPT) with an Influencer Profile includes examples of 4 most recent Instagram posts.

“Warsaw firm launches massive influencer marketing campaign”

We are beyond excited to be featured in “The First News” newest article! 🥳 🙌 indaHash has been once again acknowledged as being the first to launch one of the biggest marketing campaigns in social media history by teaming up with Aliexpress. Maciej Wojciechowski, leader of the project is quoted by “TFN” and talks about the required technological changes required when working with more than 200 influencers.

Click the image below to read the whole story!

New article alert 🤳🏻🚨

Our CEO Barbara Soltysinska has shared her knowledge on the topic of Influencer Marketing, namely “uncertain future, what does 2020 have in store for influencer marketing”. The article is featured in “Sprawny Marketing” a well known and established magazine in the Polish market.

The article and magazine can be found with the following link:

Thanks for tuning in! ✌🏽

All the best,
indaHash Team

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