It’s not about the beer – it’s about the experience!

Beer and Instagram go hand in hand, so to celebrate International Beer Day🍻 indaHash created a report solely dedicated to beer! We found out that 57% of millennials have previously tried out a new beer brand after seeing it on Instagram and 49% have posted a picture with beer on their social media profile! 

indaHash has already conducted over 50 global influencer marketing campaigns with various beer brands and we learned a thing or two about successful beer advertising! and here are the results!   


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The study which indaHash conducted revealed that millennials are a curious generation, willing to give new products a try when recommended by their favourite digital influencers! Millennials are digital natives, a generation who grew up with social media, and in order to communicate with them, you have to reach them where they feel their best – on social media! 62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social media, they are more likely to become loyal customers!

Influencer marketing can be a great way to create engaging social media advertisements. If you choose the right influencers that match your brand and execute the campaign correctly, influencer marketing can be a very effective way to communicate your message in a more authentic and relatable way. Influencers have a more personal connection with their audience and they know what it takes to get their message across.

However, what is possibly one of the greatest advantages of influencer marketing is the fact that influencers have the ability to not only advertise the product but they can show the extrinsic values and experience of the brand!  And one thing is for sure, millennials are hungry for the experience! They are known as the generation who prefers experiences over materialistic goods. We found out that 69% of millennials consumers consider themselves adventurous. They want to travel, try out new things, make awesome memories, and they find the value in experiences they co-create with brands! 

When creating advertising campaigns beer brands must keep these key elements in mind. It’s not only about the beer anymore, it’s about the unique experience that can be created with it!🔥🍺 Some of the most successful beer campaigns on social media focused on the experience associated with it, rather than just the product. A great example is Sol who conceptualised their campaign around the experience of consuming a Sol beer at key moments such as sunset with friends. indaHash and Sol created a campaign in South Africa where influencers were asked to show their favourite activities in nature settings, which could be further enhanced with a cold beer bottle in hand. The campaign featured many beautiful panoramic shots turned out to be a great success with a reach of 1 Mil and achieved a 6% engagement rate (compared to Instagrams’ average of 2%). 

Another great campaign which focused on the experience associated with consuming a product was Heineken’s campaign for their alcohol-free beer. In this case, influencers were asked to get creative and share images of themselves sipping on Heineken 0.0 while doing activities that normally cannot be combined with beer as driving or working. Thanks to collaborations with several different influencers Heineken was able to show different scenarios and with that different experiences that can be created with Heineken 0.0! 

Flying Fish, on the other hand, focused on the value of sharing a beer with loved ones. Influencers created content showing themselves enjoying a beer with their friends and family and the happiness which it can bring to a shared meal, and the campaign reached 1M social media users and achieved great results with a 7% engagement rate! 

Why does this work? Because people strive to obtain the same experience that they see on social media. It is easier to create aspiration and wanting an experience than to a product as it will create lasting memories which can be shared and enjoyed with others way after a product has been consumed. When you see a group of friends having fun at the beach, a common thought for most would be “I wish I could go to a beach with my friends and have a fun day in the sun!” , and of course socialising at a beach on a hot summer day is even more enjoyable with a cold beer in hand. Beer might not be the main focus of this picture, but it is an inseparable part of it, that makes the whole experience come together.

That is why a big advantage of influencer marketing is that it can be a more subtle and less direct form of advertising. When done correctly, it is more subtle and less obvious. However, creating a successful influencer marketing campaign on social media without the necessary experience in the industry can be challenging. 

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I’ll leave you with a few interesting facts from our beer report:

  • 57% of our respondents decided to try out a new beer after seeing it on Instagram
  • 40% of our respondents picked the seaside as the best location to enjoy a beer 
  • 70% said yes to alcohol-free beer!
  • According to influencers whose expertise is beer, light flavoured and sour beer, as well as IPA and THC-infused beer,  are the biggest current trends!  
  • 62% of people try to pair beer with the food that they are eating
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