MUST HAVE: top FREE influencer tools you have to check out

“Influencing” is a kind of marketing profession, so act like a true marketer – research, plan, prepare, organize, test, analyse, optimize, promote and earn money. In order to do this – check out some of these extremely useful tools:

🔍Research: use for example Google Alerts – you’ll be always up to date with the news from your interests’ area.  

📅 Planning: Trello, Asana, Slack – helps you communicate with your co-workers (for example photographers) and plan tasks.

🖼️ Preparing: Photoshop and Canva are a must if you’re a blogger or if you have a professional Facebook profile. iMovie and PremiereCC are smart apps for video editing.

📋 Organising: Google Docs – you probably won’t find such a useful and free (!) tool to store and prepare your docs and sheets. Wunderlist and Evernote can help you organize. Buffer and Hootsuite are created for social media management – all your accounts in just one place!

👩‍🔬 Testing: Optimizely will help you with A/B testing – it can be useful if many different ways, but mainly when you want to make any changes on your website.

📊 Analysing: Google Analytics and Hotjar are useful when you want to check your website’s views and unique users. Sotrender will help you with your ranges analysis. Also MOZ or BrightEdge can be useful in case of SEO.

📈 Optimizing: SurveyMonkey helps asking your audience about important matters.

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#️⃣ Promoting: Prowly – kind of your personal newsroom to share your newest content with the world. Brand24 informs you whenever someone writes about you on the Internet, so it’s an easy way to control your media image.

💲 Earning: indaHash is an innovative platform to connect quickly with brands and start earning money from their campaigns in easy and fast way.

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