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Is Netflix Killing Movie Theatres?

Movie-themed Survey of 1300 Social Influencers Explores Playback Trends

In a survey of over 1300 international influencers, 74% responded that ever since online streaming platforms became available, they go to movie theatres less often. Does this foreshadow the end of the multiplex? Not necessarily. 65% of respondents still go to the cinema at least once a month and 16% claim to go more often than 3 times a month.

The report unveiled interesting statistics such as:

  • 73% of influencers usually watch movies on online streaming platforms
  • YouTube videos are the most popular among influencers up to 18 years old
  • 51% of influencers are planning to watch 2019 Oscars
  • Men report going to the movie theatres more often than women

To celebrate the upcoming 91st Academy Awards we conducted a survey among over 1300 digital influencers, asking them about their movie-watching habits. The study revealed that while 74% of respondents admit enjoying movies on a big screen less often since online streaming platforms became available, 65% still go to the cinema at least once a month. Influencers ages 19-25 attend movie theatres most often: 39% of them report going to the movies two and more times a month. The study also reveals that men visit cinemas more often than women: 73% of surveyed men go to the cinema at least once a month, while the same is true for only 64% of women.

The majority of influencers (73%) usually watches movies on online streaming platforms, while only 15% stick to TV. While the numbers are similar in the US (82% choosing streaming platforms) and Germany (82%), Japan stands out with only 37% influencers naming streaming platforms as their go-to and 34% sticking to the more traditional medium, TV. Japanese influencers also pick movie theatres as their medium of choice (29%) more often than their peers from other countries.

The survey further reveals that influencers prefer watching TV series over movies (47% vs 34%). YouTube is proved to be a crucial platform for Gen Z: among influencers up to 18 years old, a whopping 36% chose YouTube videos when asked what they watch most often (versus TV series and movies). This answer was chosen by 21% of influencers ages 19-25 and only 13% of influencers ages 26-35. Country-wise, Polish influencers watch less TV series (44%) than the international representation, but they are the second nation after Japan (21%) that watches the most YT videos (20%).  Poles also tend to watch more movies (35%) than their international peers.

The Oscars are a popular event among influencers and 51% of our test group plan on watching the ceremony with family or friends. Influencers from different countries stated very different levels of interest in the event. 100% surveyed German influencers plan to watch the Oscars this year, while 42% of UK influencers declare they don’t plan to watch the gala at all.

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