Audience Overlap – What am I missing out on? πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

What is Audience Overlap?

To put it simply, audience overlap is marketing to the same audience through different ads. In this case we are talking about Audience Overlap within Influencer Marketing.

How much unique reach are you really getting from your influencer collaborations?

When you are running influencer campaigns, are you:

  1. Trying to reach as many new followers as possible?
  2. Using different creators to reach the same followers?
  3. Unsure how to find this information out

Audience overlap is measured by Total Overlapping Followers and Total Unique Followers.

Low Audience Overlap

As you can see above only 0.5% of the audience overlaps. This is a low audience overlap and would work well if you are looking to reach as many consumers as possible. The smaller the audience overlap, the more unique followers you are going to reach.

If you are using multiple influencers to reach completely unique audiences then you are going to get your message in front of more people. If this is the case then you would want a high number of unique followers and a low overlapping percentage.

High Audience Overlap

On the other hand, if you are using multiple influencers that are being followed by the same audiences then you can really drive your message/product into that audience. As a consumer, if you are seeing several people that you follow promoting the same product then it can fill you with confidence that the product is worth buying.

A strong audience overlap can help to amplify the impact of the campaign. When different influencers with overlapping audiences share the same message, it can create a snowball effect that increases the overall visibility and strength of the campaign. This can lead to greater brand awareness and greater intent to purchase (as we’ve seen from Nielsen brand uplift studies that have verified this) meaning a stronger return on investment.

What’s best?

Ultimately, deciding on whether you are looking for a high or low audience overlap depends on your end goal. Are you looking to reach as far and wide an audience as possible or are you trying to positively reinforce your message to the same audience?

In conclusion, audience overlap is a critical factor to consider when running influencer marketing campaigns. It helps to ensure that the campaign is targeted, credible, and impactful, leading to better engagement and ultimately, better results.

How can I check Audience Overlap?

Using indaHash you can search through millions of influencer profiles. You can begin to add relevant influencers into lists and check their audience overlap at the click of a button. This is just one way that indaHash can help you to run truly data-driven and impactful influencer campaigns.

The question is, have you been factoring audience overlap into your influencer campaigns at all?
If not, please feel free to reach out to me at to find out more!

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