Build a profitable influencer marketing campaign in record time with Self-Serve platform

A combination of award-winning technology, a global influencer database, and valuable marketing know-how

Suppose the traditional marketing campaigns in your business no longer work. This could be due to several factors, such as a change in consumer mindset, privacy regulations in your market, or shifts in trends in your niche. Whatever the reason, if traditional marketing campaigns are no longer working, it is essential to think outside the box. In this case, influencer marketing offers a great opportunity. This is how to build an influencer marketing campaign in record time with the indaHash Self-Serve platform. 

An introduction to Self-Serve platform

It happens all too often that companies struggle with specific industry challenges when it comes to creating a good marketing campaign. If traditional marketing is not generating enough results and you take a step towards influencer marketing, there are a couple of challenges you will face quite early in your marketing journey. To tackle these, you can answer the next few questions for yourself: 

  • How can I find influencers who have an affinity for my product or brand?
  • How do I make sure that the content requirements will be met?
  • Which methods can I use to arrange secure and efficient payments?

To simplify the answers to these questions, we have developed Self-Serve. A platform, suitable for advertisers who want to bring their influencer marketing activities in-house. In addition, the platform is suitable for advertisers and agencies who want to use our technology, but prefer to have their influencer marketing campaigns managed by partner agencies or talent management businesses.

Through the Self-Serve platform, we help several departments in different industries to be more efficient in their influencer processes by leveraging automation built into the platform. For example, we help marketing and social media departments, media and public relations firms, talent agencies, media auditors and even investors and investment funds to automate and simplify influencer marketing campaigns. 

In a nutshell, the Self-Serve platform offers all the knowledge, technology, and tools that indaHash has developed over the past 6 years. We have rolled out thousands of successful influencer marketing campaigns around the world, and yours can be one of them! 

The most important features of Self-Serve

  1. Preparation of your influencer marketing strategy

    It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Preparation is always an essential part of your influencer marketing campaign. Therefore, it is important to list information on the following points:
    • Determine who your target audience is and where it operates
    • Devise a concept that fits perfectly with your corporate identity 
    • Set a budget for the influencer marketing campaign
    • List the KPIs and goals of the campaign 
    • Work with formats to structure the campaign
  2. Discover creators from all over the world

    IndaHash is the global leader in the influencer marketing industry, with a portfolio of 17,000 campaigns for over 600 brands across 100 markets. This means that you, as an advertiser, have access to as many as 5 million social media accounts. You can match creators to achieve your marketing goals using a clear relevance score. The Self-Serve platform is equipped with over 20 filters, making choosing the best influencer for your campaign faster, easier, and more lucrative.
  3. Valuable data analysis

    Self-Serve offers an extensive analysis of your influencer marketing campaigns. To make insights as valuable as possible, we use over 35 in-depth metrics. Use our standard template for analyzing your campaign or create your own template in which you collect all relevant information on your influencer marketing campaign for your business. This way, analyzing influencer marketing campaign results becomes much easier. Furthermore, to make sure you choose the right influencer, we use Brand Safety Tools to show you the unique audience percentage. This allows you to quickly gather information on engagement rate, geographic reach, and the age, interests and gender of the influencer’s followers, among other things. 

  4.  Check the audience overlap

    Create an overview of how many overlapping followers any given set of influencers has with Self-Serve. This way, you can choose influencers with unique followers, allowing you to reach a larger audience with your influencer marketing campaign, or ensure crossover to reinforce your message. 

  5. Generating creator showcases

    If you work with influencers, there are certain statistics that are very important and others that are less important. To prioritize insights into important metrics, Self-Serve allows you to set which information is most important to you. Create reports with the easy drag and drop system and save the template for future use.  

  6. Assure your brand’s safety while working with influencers

    If an influencer works with a lot of different brands, this can have a detrimental effect on your campaign. This is why Self-Serve makes it easy to gain insight into the statistics and reliability of influencers. When discrepancies are detected or the influencer does not comply to the agreements, you will automatically receive an e-mail so you can take timely action. 

  7. Managing all influencer marketing campaigns from our centralized platform

    Use our templates or create your own to monitor the stages of your influencer marketing project on every social media platform. With Self-Serve, communicating with team members, managing tasks, and approving content can be done in no time. 

  8. Track the performance of social media posts and generate reports

    Self-Serve allows you to create personalized performance reports, making monitoring results even easier. Monitor all steps taken during the campaign, check reports or export all data to an Excel file. That way, sharing results with the marketing team is easier and faster. 

  9. Manage the visibility of information

    Sometimes there are insights you want to share with specific individuals. That’s why Self-Serve distinguishes between the administrator, members and clients. The administrator has insight into all information and determines who can see which information. As a member you can see and modify data and as a client you only have insight into the information that has been shared with you. In this way we keep specific information accessible to people with a certain role. 

Top 3 benefits of using an influencer marketing platform 

Keep track of influencers 

Influencer marketing is a powerful technique that can help you reach out to a specific target audience. And with the help of an influencer marketing platform, you can have better control over your campaign and get more accurate results. Using an influencer marketing platform allows you to get an overview of the influencers you work with, the status of collaboration, and the collaboration results at a glance. 

Prioritize information 

Every company is unique, which is why influencer marketing campaigns also differ from one another. That’s why Self-Serve lets you decide what information you think is important. For example, filter on Instagram followers, unique visitor numbers, budgets, and whether or not you have worked with an influencer before. This allows you to search for influencers that best suit your business faster and more effectively.

Build long-term relationships

With the help of an influencer marketing platform, brands can build long-term relationships with influencers. The more you work on valuable relationships with influencers, the more in-depth the content will become. The best thing about this is that you receive unique, high-quality content because you are actively working on creating a valuable bond with the content creator. To simplify your communication with influencers, we created a communication tool in Self-Serve which allows you to communicate with team members, influencers, and partners within seconds. 

Our team at IndaHash is working on developing valuable long-term relationships with partners, influencers, and agencies to onboard as many creators as possible to Self-Serve. 

Do you want to become a part of our community? Create your profile today or request a demo to see our software in action! 
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