indaHash 2020 Summary & Token Development Announcement For 2021

Dear Community,

The time has come to summarize the year of 2020 and present plans for 2021! In terms of organizing various types of business processes, 2020 was unprecedented. We maintained and developed relationships with key customers at a time when offline meetings were not possible, we coordinated dozens of sales webinars, and much more! We even managed to make an amazing partnership with AliExpress, which consisted of selling through live-streams online. In addition, we have produced several reports including one on TikTok as a new rising social media star.

At the same time we’ve managed to keep the pace of development of the company’s products and tech features! In this global panic, the technology team has worked hard to improve service and customer satisfaction. Of the most important things, we managed to:

Implement a completely new client dashboard with redesigned and improved functionalities 💻

Launch a new type of influencer campaign, supporting TikTok 📲

Create completely new influencer profiles and expand their analytical data 📊

Expand our offer to over 25 new countries (113 in total) to run campaigns even more globally 🌍

Angola – Benin – Botswana – Brunei – Burundi – Cameroon – Cape Verde – Comoros – DRC – Ethiopia – Lesotho – Madagascar – Mauritius – Mozambique – Namibia – Rwanda – Sao Tome – Seychelles – Sierre Leone – Sudan – Swaziland – Tanzania – Uganda – Ukraine – Uzbekistan – Zambia – Zimbabwe

The best way to see the overall DEV performance is to look into the detailed metrics of how we worked on our source code repository, which is basically where the whole indaHash system lives.

In 2020, our repository has been committed to 13,681 times. When counting only weekdays, this means that our developers have been applying persistent changes to the source code at an average of 54 times a day

indaHash developers have been working on 9,553 different files while building our software. This resulted in 645,914 additions to the codebase and 492,538 deletions from the codebase. 

From the tech perspective, it’s not only about making the products better. We also need to make sure our technology stays up to date, even though users might not see it directly. Upgrading tech stack is very important not only from a security standpoint, but also because it’s so much fun for the developers to work with the latest stuff! Therefore, we have integrated ReactJS into all our dashboards, along with updating the entire frontend tooling. We have also taken time to make sure our backend uses the latest stack as well, which resulted in upgrading all app hosts to PHP 7.4 running on the latest LTS version of Ubuntu – 20.04. 

Screenshot of indaHash’s continuous integration in the works with deployments, unit tests, and builds happening every minute:

Screenshot of DEV Issue Boards:

Screenshot of Asana Product Development board:

Entering 2021, as a company, we are convinced that we have managed not only to go through this challenging year but also significantly improved internal processes, strengthened the team and maintained our position at the forefront of the influencer marketing industry. 

We are also deeply convinced that after the crypto winter, which lasted until mid-2020, we have entered an era of previously unseen development of the crypto industry. Some projects from 2016-2017 have unexpectedly disappeared, while others have already finished their activities. We, as indaHash, are not going anywhere and plan to surprise everyone in 2021.

We are currently working on releasing an updated roadmap for 2021 which will include exciting new indaHash Coin (IDH) implementation plans and even more! 🚀

The scheduled release date for the updated roadmap is the second half of January. However, we can now reveal that we are working on an amazing project benefiting influencers holding indaHash Coin (IDH) tokens and rewards based on their activities. On top of that we are planning additional communication and educational activities targeted at our influencers and clients. We also have something special we’re currently working on, and more information will be shared soon! 

We wish everyone a wonderful 2021 and the fulfillment of all the plans you have made for it! 🎉

All the best,
indaHash Team

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