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It’s been a magnificent March for influencer marketing! indaHash is here to show you how, boasting some impressive PRODUCT UPDATES with new metrics for Instagram posts, content moderation developments and more, alongside INDUSTRY UPDATES showcasing the latest & greatest of Facebook and TikTok, as well as PR UPDATES where indaHash proudly took part in a special campaign with a unique cause! 🏆 

Check it out! ✌️

New metrics available for Instagram and Instagram Story posts ✨

In Instagram campaigns, a new metric was added – Shares.
In Instagram Story campaigns there are three new metrics – Swipe-ups, Sticker taps, and Shares.
For the time being, all these metrics need to be put in manually for both API and NO API users.

Content moderation hints in the Brand Dashboard ✨

Clients will now see step-by-step hints on how to moderate posts for Instagram and Instagram Story campaigns.
This will make it much easier for them to understand the bonus content moderation process.

New global top search in the Brand Dashboard ✨

Brand users can now easily search for folders and campaigns using the top search box in the Brand Dashboard.

Downloading content from multiple campaigns ✨

Users can now download content from multiple campaigns at once.

  1. Brand users can use this option under ‘Download content’ in the Brand Dashboard either in a single campaign or in the campaign list view.
  2. ICR and Self-serve users can access this option from the Brand profile page in the Admin Dashboard.
  3. A unique link for content download is sent via email.   

TikTok Launches New Ads Library, Enabling You to Find the Best Performing Ads in a Range of Categories 🤳 🙌

If you are looking to run a TikTok ad, then this new update is just for you! The app has launched a new Ad Library tool, currently called ‘Top Ads’, which enables you to search for the best performing TikTok ad campaigns, by vertical and region, in order to get inspiration from their approach. the platform provides a range of search filters to navigate through the ad listings, including ‘Ad Type’, ‘Region’ and ‘Industry’.
This may be a great opportunity to check out the best performing ads in the industry, get inspired and maximize TikToks potential.

Click here to read more!

Facebook Launches New ‘Social Skills’ Business Tips Video Series

Facebook is launching a new, seven-part video series which aims to provide social media managers with the skills and insights they need to maximize their performance.

The new introduced series will consist of a rage of social media experts who have managed to build their businesses on Facebook’s platforms. These experts will share their knowledge and know how to boost response, maximize engagement and build communities.
The first episode in the series features Sana Javeri Kadri, the founder and CEO of Diaspora Co., a direct-to-consumer spice brand “that focuses on equitable business practice and sharing the history and significance of the spices”.

What are the key points we learned so far ?
1. Invest in your photography and brand visuals – “If your Instagram is your storefront, you want your storefront to look good.”
2. Let your audience inform your content – Kadri says she gleaned more insight into what her audience wanted by asking questions in her post comments.
3. Make your social media posts shoppable with Facebook and Instagram Shops – Linking your content story into your products can help enhance connection with consumers.

Click the photo below from SocialMediaToday for more info! 

indaHash is very proud to have had the opportunity to take part in this special campaign with a unique cause. ❤️ 🧡 💛

The action’s main slogan was ‘’Poland! More connects us than divides us’’ and was prepared by a Polish charity called Fundacja Mocni and the Leczymy z misją Association. The campaign was aimed to promote blood donation during the pandemic. Our activities consisted of informing about who could be a blood or plasma donor and brought attention to the advantages of donating blood and safety rules in blood donation centers. We are beyond happy that the action had positive feedback in the media and has had such a great success.

Check out the impressive results below:
238 582 – The total number of users following the influencers that took part in the action
7 998 – The total number of likes, comments and post saves
1 333 – The average number of interactions per post

Stay on the look out for more information and developments of the indaHash Token Incentive Programme

In short, in order to increase the awareness and education of influencers, we are implementing an additional bonus program which involves rewarding influencers with IDH tokens. IDK token bonuses, staking opportunities, new educational materials, and much more to be expected!

Click the image below for more info! 🚀 

Thanks for tuning in! ✌🏽

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