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What an exciting start of 2021! indaHash recently unleashed a boastful summary of the previous year, alongside some exciting plans for what’s to come for indaHash Coin (IDH) with an exclusive indaHash Token Incentive Programme Introductionand more! We’re also proud to display our latest PRODUCT UPDATES showcasing some fantastic improvements within the indaHash platform, including the launch of our mobile app fully translated into Portuguese 🇵🇹 & INDUSTRY UPDATES to keep you informed on the latest from Instagram & Snapchat! These are definitely some updates you’re going to want to read all about! 🏆 

Check it out! ✌️

Campaign Folders in the Brand Dashboard ✨ 

Campaigns view in BD has been redesigned. Now, it incorporates folders, allowing for convenient campaign grouping and management. As a result Brands will be able to find, identify and track campaigns even better. Moreover, there are aggregated statistics from all the Campaigns in a specific Folder!

Adding notes to posts in Brand Dashboard ✨

A new button has been added to each post listed on the Brand Dashboard that allows brand users to add text messages/notes to each of them, and there is also a similar button in the Admin Dashboard. This new development will help further develop communication between our team and the brands we work with! 

More metrics added to the summary section in the Brand Dashboard ✨

New, client-oriented feature aimed at allowing Brand users to check more metrics gathered from all campaigns a given user has an access to.

Marking Commenter’s actions in the Brand Dashboard ✨

 Posts that have been revised or approved by Commenter have corresponding labels in the Moderation needed section of the Dashboard.

‘You have posts that require your review’ notifications rescheduled ✨ 

‘You have posts that require your review’ notification has been rescheduled, now arriving at 10 AM and 4 PM CET each day.

Mobile app now fully translated into Portuguese ✨

Are you updated with all the latest Instagram news? 

 New features are being tested weekly on the platform. Only lately, Instagram have decided to resign from the function of sharing the in-feed Posts within Stories. As it states in the notification sent to users, “the change is backed up by the voices of the unsatisfied community”. Users would like to see more of a genuine, instead of reblogged, content. 
The update might be quite an improvement in terms of content originality on Instagram – the only way to see somebody’s IG story in the app’s top bar is if you follow them, and if you follow them, you see their regular posts as well. However, this might be a great game-changer for influencers and digital campaigns run on Instagram, as the sharing of in-feed Posts within Stories has always generated a lot of additional content. 

Click the image below to read more! 

New interesting partnership in the world of social media, and for a good cause!
 There has been a new partnership established between commonly known photo-sharing platform Snapchat and Shout, a British mental health support platform. The main aim of the partnership is promoting mental health among Snapchat users.
Due to the current pandemic, there are less occasions for people aged 15-24 to socialise in person, and more to interact through social media. This strongly affects young people’s mental health, and often not in the best way possible.
To help young users interact with each other in a more caring way, Snapchat and Shout have decided to create an in-app integration tool that will allow users to report in the app a post that seems concerning in terms of the mental state of the friend who posted it. Once a post is reported, the creator will receive a message from Snapchat saying “A friend is worried about you”. Possible mental health crisis resources will be listed in the chat prompt.
At indaHash we think more social media platforms should undertake initiatives like this one! 

Read more about the Snapchat x Shout collaboration here

Don’t forget to check out our latest indaHash Token Incentive Programme Introduction

In short, in order to increase the awareness and education of influencers, we are implementing an additional bonus program which involves rewarding influencers with IDH tokens. IDK token bonuses, staking opportunities, new educational materials, and much more to be expected!

Click the image below to find information on the indaHash Token Incentive Programme to be implemented in the indaHash app, in efforts to increase usage of IDH tokens! 🚀

Thanks for tuning in! ✌🏽

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