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We are proudly presenting CAMPAIGN UPDATES from cooperation with global brands 🌎📲 PR UPDATES covering events and conferences we’ve been to around the world spreading the word of indaHash and influencer marketing 🍾🏆🎊 and a crucial PRODUCT UPDATE reminder you MUST SEE! 📈💻

See it for yourself! ✌🌏

We’ve seen some amazing content produced this past month for brands such as Starbucks & Skagen in the UK, Julien De Bourg in Switzerland and UBER EATS in France! 🌍🙌

Check out our REMOTE-HOW | Case Study where we asked influencers to show how they work remotely 💻 and encourage their followers to take part in TheRemoteFutureSummit – a fully online global conference on alternative ways of working 🌍 & take a look at some of our favorite content made by the inspirational influencers below! ⬇️

REMOTE-HOW | Case Study

indaHash’s Business Development and Country Manager of Japan, Hajime Nomura, was a speaker at the ThinkContent 2018 event discussing IGC (Influencer-Generated Content), how to use IGC for POE (Paid Owned Earned Media) and showcasing successful case studies from indaHash! 💰📲
Ashwin Chandoesing, indaHash Business Development Director APAC, moderated the Startup & SME Academy interactive session at WOTSOWorkSpace in Singapore on how Influencer Marketing has changed the marketing landscape for good! 🗣🌴👍
CMO of indaHash, Barbara Zbik, was a part of EFNI2018’s panel in Poland where, along with Renata Juszkiewicz (Polish Organisation of Trade and Distribution) and Michał Przybysz (IKEA Group), she discussed topics that are most relevant to today’s retail sector. What is the future of ecommerce and will the trade market keep up with the eclient? Check out more here: 👈✔️
Our team was in full force at the DMEXCO18 event in Germany with our CEO and co-founder, Barbara Soltysinska, alongside senior managers at our very own booth talking all things influencer marketing, performing magic showing everyone we’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeves to engage audiences and explaining how indaHash won the award for Best Influencer Marketing Company of the Year by MartechAWARDS! 🥇🌎
Barbara Soltysinska was also a speaker alongside industry legend Gary Vaynerchuk at the World Business Experience in Warsaw, Poland where she conducted an interview on influencer marketing and the latest models of online promotion! 💪

If you haven’t seen our most recent update already, check out the latest indaHash Deal alpha test results and product status 🥇🏆 including stats 📈 client testimonials 📝 numerous key insights 💡 & more! We plan to update everyone on a monthly basis regarding the success and development of our new platform! 🎉

We hope you’ve appreciated these latest updates and thank you for your continuous support for indaHash! 👍

All the best,
indaHash Team

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