The Influence of Valentines Day

Are Influencers Spending Money on Valentine’s Day? 84% Say Yes!

An international study of over 1000 influencers has unveiled a combination of how influencers celebrate Valentine’s Day, their shopping habits, and who they look to for inspiration.

The results have shown many statistics such as the following that:

  • 91% of influencers have celebrated Valentine’s Day at some point in their lives
  • 42% of influencers bought a gift for their friends
  • 38% bought a present for themselves
  • 12% got a gift for their pets

At the beginning of 2019, more than 1000 influencers participated in global influencer marketing platform indaHash’s Valentine’s Day study. We’ve uncovered that 72% of influencers said that they look to other influencers for gift inspiration over TV ads, magazines, and brands’ websites. This corresponds with the findings of indaHash’s recent holiday study, where 92% of influencers said their followers ask them for gift recommendations!

An overwhelming majority of influencers (91%) claimed that, when they’re in relationships, they love celebrating Valentine’s Day, but not all of their followers always feel the same. Alternative movements like the tongue-in-cheek ‘Singles Awareness Day’ (S.A.D.) and ‘Galentine’s Day’ are also widely celebrated, with only 9% of influencers choosing not to celebrate at all around this time.

While many celebrate the romantic love associated with Valentine’s Day, it can also be a not-so-easy time for those reminded of love lost or other similar experiences. Such conflicting sentiments create the perfect opportunity for brands to think outside the box and connect with their customers in new, meaningful ways.

60% of influencers prefer experiences over material gifts for Valentine’s Day. While everyone loves material presents, experiences are becoming a clear preference among millennials. 40% of influencers treat themselves with gifts or experiences when single, and spend the day with friends and family.

What else could be at the top of millennials’ priority lists? Their pets, of course! With 44% of millenials seeing their pets as ‘starter children’, rather than just ‘cute companions’, it’s no surprise that 12% of the survey group admitted to purchasing Valentine’s Day gifts for their animal friends.   

According to the indaHash study, 63% of influencers wait for Valentine’s Day deals before they shop. This helps indicate an ideal time for brands to engage the attention of influencers and their audiences through offering exclusive deals and sales. With 54% of influencers stating that they do their shopping for gifts online, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for brands to stand out and run engaging campaigns that speak to those in love, as well as to those celebrating otherwise, around this time.

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