Uniting & Giving Back To Our Community

In these difficult times, the indaHash team wants to contribute and give back to our community! ❤️🤝 We decided to give free access to 2 great tools, that help us in our daily work,  for the next 3 months: 🙌✨

  1. CocoCreate.io –  a design collaboration tool that allows users to give feedback online to graphic and video content in real-time ✍️🎭 🎨 🎬 (much needed nowadays!) It can often be challenging and frustrating for a team to work on a creative project where many changes and adjustments are made by several team members simultaneously. CocoCreate.io is a simple feedback- centered tool 🌴🥥, which allows team members to add comments directly to the content precisely where the comments are needed, so no time is wasted on explaining where the changes need to be made.

    It also helps to reassure that no important changes will be lost in the process! 🤓🤸‍♀️ It allows us to improve the overall workflow with an intuitive sharing option and reduce time wasted on giving feedback. You just upload a graphic or put a link to a YouTube video and all team members can make comments and suggestions on how to improve the content 🎬✍️.

It is free of charge for commercial and personal use without registration. We designed it for graphic designers, video makers, marketing departments, and everyone who is collaborating on content to make the workflow easier, faster and more efficient!  💃💪 If you want to know more, check out THIS video.

  1. indaHash Dealour lite version of Influencer Marketing SaaS, created mainly for eCommerce businesses. We developed indaHash Deal to make influencer marketing easy and available for everyone and to get rid of common issues such as finding appropriate influencers or negotiating agreements and payments 🗣✍️🤝.

    indaHash Deal is an intuitive, automated platform that enables companies to offer creators free products/ services or discounts in exchange for influencers’ posts on their social media profiles 🎁📲🤝. Collaborating with influencers can allow businesses to reach customers through digital channels, boost sales and increase awareness about their products or services 🎊💫. 

indaHash Deal allows companies to place a “deal” on the indaHash app 📲 (with 1 million registered influencers worldwide) offering, for example, a free product or discount in exchange for original content. Influencers interested in that exchange can register to participate in the campaign through the app. The app allows clients to revise and reject content created by influencers.  After the campaign is done, the payments are fully automated and happen through the app 🔥💪. If you want to find out more please check out THIS video!  


We are giving this tool for free for 3 months with the code: IDHSTAYHOME 🏠🙏

We believe that in these difficult times it is more important than ever for all of us to unite, stay strong and help each other whatever way we can! 💖 

If there are any valuable non-profit initiatives that we could support with a charity influencer marketing campaign – please do not hesitate to approach us directly at support@indahash.com

We are ready to do our best and use our resources to help!  ❤️🤝 

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