Celebrating 3 Years at indaHash! (March Newsletter)

Dear Community,

As the MOST SUCCESSFUL Q1 FOR indaHash TO DATE comes to an end, we are proud to present numerous CAMPAIGN UPDATES 🌎📲, NEW LANDING PAGES for our INFLUENCERS, BRANDS & BLOG 💻 and SOMETHING SPECIAL! 🍾🏆🎊

Don’t miss this one! ✌🌏

Check out the following two Case Study videos from the month of March! First up, we partnered up with Traubisoda to create an engaging influencer marketing campaign with micro influencers from Austria. The campaign was created to raise awareness about the relaunch of Traubisoda. This campaign delivered outstanding user generated content and exceptional 8% engagement rate! Traubisoda liked the result of cooperation so much that they are already planning the next campaign!


indaHash partnered up with FRoSTA to create an engaging influencer marketing campaign with German influencers. The campaign was created to market FRoSTA veggie packs and promote their use for homemade meals. Amazing content created by 6 different influencers resulted in a 5% overall engagement rate!

FROSTA | Case Study

Our expanding influencer base of 900K+ from around the world have produced some extraordinary content brands from around the globe! Have a look at some examples of two of our favorites below, including images, video-stills and some truly impressive results!

We are proud to announce that our new landing page for BRANDS has officially been launched!


That’s not all! We’ve also launched our new landing page for INFLUENCERS!


We’re not stopping there! Have a look at our newly updated BLOG!


This has been the most successful Q1 for indaHash, THE WORLD’S BIGGEST INFLUENCER PLATFORM, in our 3 years of business. Once an idea,💡 we grew to become the best global 🌎 influencer marketing platform,🎈 where we connect over 920 000 influencers🗣️ with best global brands! We’re so grateful for this journey!🤩

indaHash turned 3!

Thank you for tuning in!

All the best,
indaHash Team

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